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She's one of the sexy and talented here at EZEZ. Please click here to see if she strikes your fancy.

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General Information

  • Name:

    20) Sophia

  • Age:

    35 y/o

  • Nationality:


  • Height:

    160 cm tall

  • Measurements:


  • Weight:

    50 kg

  • Complexion:

    Tan skin

  • Languages:

    Thai, English

  • Status:

    EZEZ level 1-2-3-3+



Added on March 27, 2015

Hi Ezez, Sophia spend 3 days with me she is fantastic kind woman pleasue me very well. Thank you for recommend me to her and I do appreciate you a lot for help my this trip Will come and try other lady from you suggest soon. Lucky business :-)

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