Welcome to EZEZ 2015.com

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us. We offer sensual and soothing bodywork and love helping others through our therapeutic touch.

We are 100% real - recent PICTURES where taken from the girls cellphone. They are real life NOT PHOTPSHOPED. We are Thai Local FEMALE 100%. We do not have Ladyboy or She-male. Yes, we do speak Thai, English, Japanese, and some speak French.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED the person you ordered is the person you see at the door for you to welcome. The service you receive is the same you require and even more.

If a Body massage is needed it probably goes without saying that more people would prefer getting a massage than giving one. But besides being (extremely) relaxing a good body massage has a lot of health benefits.

Are you ready to escape from your worries and feel your stress melt aways? Let us introduce you to the healing touch of sensual massage.

You deserve it!